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The stories on this page are a collection of work we have created in collaboration with the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation (WSVEF). WSVEF creates fundraising opportunities in White Salmon, WA to support local schools advance their myriad projects, and provide kids with a world of opportunity. In 2020 community and grant funding through WSVEF supported getting supplies and books to students during COVID-19, breaking ground on a district-wide wellness center and continued funding of post-highschool career and college preparedness resources.

When Covid hit in March, the community sprang into action to provide students with art supplies, books, hygiene kits, and connection.

Amy Sacquety and Jim Anderson, two WSV teachers, hit the road with a van full of books to get books into student's hands.

This short film shares the amazing contributions the White Salmon Valley Education Foundation had on COVID Response efforts in White Salmon. 


Orthopedic and nutrition experts involved in a pilot project at Washington University, St. Louis, tell the story of health and professional transformation fueled by Lifestyle Medicine. In just three months using food and exercise as medicine, one patient who had been on narcotics for more than a decade was able to eliminate her use of the drugs. Her success has been equally healing for her physicians.

Post-Highschool PreparedNess

Chris Hipskind has been a leader in career and technical education in the gorge for years and continues to inspire students in their post-high school endeavors.

WSVEF has been pivotal in securing funding for continued career and technical education at Columbia High School, as well as connecting students to local industry and colleges at an annual college and career fair.



In 2019 we collaborated with filmmaker Michael Peterson and writer, Marla Keether, to create a film showcasing three projects White Salmon Valley Education Foundation helped fund over the previous year. These were Project Based Learning in 7th-grade language arts, A-List Adventures after school program, and Digital Spanish at the elementary school. 

series Origin

We began our relationship with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine with a simple goal in mind.  Work with a leading organization that empowers people to take control of their health and strive towards a common goal of encouraging others to do the same.  Since teaming up with the organization in 2016, we have traveled the country unlocking powerful stories of individuals, medical professionals, and leading corporations as they collectively work to see the mission of ACLM turn into an international movement.  The Lifestyle Medicine Story Project is a growing collection of these stories.  Check back often as we will continue to add to this page!