The Jagat Lama Story


Deep in rural Nepal, a group of childhood friends from low-caste families have started a trekking guide social enterprise that has transformed their home community of Kumari.  Led by Jagat Lama, the guides have channeled their profits and energy into developing a self-sustaining community centered around many of the regions firsts:  basic electricity, a women’s skill center, a local school, a working community farm and a medical hospital.


Jagat is driven by a promise he made to his dying father to bring medical care to the village.  At the grand opening celebration, Jagat’s mother is the first patient of many into the Sukman Memorial Polyclinic, named after his father.


Less than 2 years later, a massive earthquake hits Nepal, leveling the hospital, school and women’s skill center.  Because Kumari is so remote, Jagat and the other trekking guides respond with aid, food and shelter.  Wrestling with the continued challenges, Jagat digs deep and finds the strength to help lead the Kumari recovery.  The village is rebuilt stronger than before as the guides turn their vision to the next generation of leaders to continue their vision of self-sustained growth and empowerment.

Feature documentary is currently in post production and seeking finishing funds to bring the full length film to a global  audience.

Documentary Excerpts

With still photography by: Sean O'Connor

A Journey Back To His Roots

Jagat takes us to his childhood home only to discover remanence of his past and a chance to sit where his father's wish was first spoken 


Independent Trekking Guide Cooperative

Knowing that trekking guides deserved a fair wage and could collectively support the work in Kumari, Jagat started the Cooperative to accomplish a social enterprise. Through this effort, Jagat was able to share the Kumari story with every client and invite them to his home.

A Clinic is Built

The first goal was a Woman's Skill Center.  When you empower the women, you empower the village. From there, the youth began to thrive with the opening of the first school.  Jagat and his team began to identify key youth of promise and scholarship them to Kathmandu to study healthcare. Meanwhile, a clinic was being established for those same youth to return and serve their community with up to date medical resources and knowledge.

First Day of Healthcare

When the clinic opened, there was a large celebration, with people trekking from miles away to receive treatment for medical conditions large and small.

Devastation Strikes

On April 25th 2015, Nepal suffered an earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude. Kumari is located at the quakes epicenter.

Rebirth and Rebuild

Having triumphed in the face of adversity for generations, Jagat and his team waste no time in reclaiming what they worked so hard to build.

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