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One woman’s tireless quest to change the trajectory of regenerative sheep ranching to ensure a lasting environmental impact on the global luxury wool industry. 

-This film is currently in pre-production and actively seeking partners and funding to produce.

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the story

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In a world marked by division and disconnection, "SHANIKO" unfolds an extraordinary narrative of resilience and revival, centered around the remarkable journey of Jeanne Carver. Deeply rooted in the heartland of Oregon, where the Imperial Stock Ranch and Shaniko Wool Company have thrived for 150 years, Jeanne embarked on a grassroots mission in 1999. Witnessing the wool industry's decline, she cultivated relationships with artisans, craftspeople, and designers to save her ranch. Her unwavering love for the land became the driving force behind her mission to lead a movement for economic and rural revival, all while championing regenerative ranching practices that could bring environmental vitality to American ranch lands.

Challenges emerged as Jeanne confronted a shifting wool market, threatening the very fabric of her way of life. Simultaneously, a disconnection from essential sources and a widening urban-rural divide loomed large on the horizon. The critical question arose: Could Jeanne Carver overcome these challenges and demonstrate that regenerative ranching was not only a way to leave a lasting legacy but also a means to restore environmental health to American ranchlands?

With unwavering determination, Jeanne rose to the challenge, finding innovative ways to bridge urban-rural divides. Her wool gained prominence as the U.S. Olympic team proudly sported her fibers in 2016, igniting her commitment to transforming the wool industry through sustainable practices.


Embracing regenerative agriculture and setting transparency standards, Jeanne extended her vision through Shaniko Wool Company, inspiring other ranchers to join her in championing responsible stewardship. Brands became central figures in this journey, shifting from commodity sales to direct marketing, as they joined forces to promote sustainability. Collaborations with carbon and ecosystem service companies unlocked new opportunities, showcasing the potential for regenerative ranching to leave a legacy beyond a single lifetime.


"SHANIKO" is a compelling call to action, inviting us all to reconnect with the land, support responsible stewardship, and understand how regenerative ranching can leave a legacy while revitalizing American ranchlands for generations to come. In a world divided, this documentary offers a powerful narrative of hope, resilience, and environmental vitality, as embodied by Jeanne Carver and her unwavering commitment to the land.

This film is seeking funding partners to tell the stories of the current and future regenerative ranches and galvanize the knowledge that well-managed grazing animals hold an innate role in stimulating plant growth, carbon sequestration, stream protection, and habitat preservation. 

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Shift to global

"Then 1999 happened, when we had shorn the sheep, called up our long-time wool buyer and the answer was "We're sorry folks, we're not buying." The shift to global supply chains arrived on our doorstep with no warning."

-Jeanne Carver

Founder, Shaniko Wool Co.

Net positive impact

"We are ranching in a way, and grazing in a way that delivers a net positive impact to nature. there's no greater thing we do than that."

-Jeanne Carver

Founder, Shaniko Wool Co.

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