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Architectural Photography

Every custom building has a story.  Many minds and hands need to work together to to bring the story to completion. From the first inspired step onto a property, to design, build and outfit. A custom building when finished is a work of collaborative art. We are the team that ensures that all the efforts combined are the showcase of your skills.

Client Showcase


Studio CBC is the premiere provider of windows, doors and hardware to custom builders throughout the Columbia River Gorge. They work with property owners, builders, architects and vendors to customize some of the most important aspects of any style building.  The gorge is known for it's stunning views of nature's splendor.  Studio CBC is the to provider of components that ensures the beauty is enjoyed by all who live there.

Meet The Photo Team

We are three Sean's from the North side of the Columbia River Gorge with an affinity for creativity and professionalism.

Sean O'connor

Director of Photography

Sean Sperry

Camera and Lighting

Sean Corwin

FAA Licensed Drone Operator

Aerial Imaging and 3d Mapping

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