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Soar through the narrow canyons of the Klickitat River where you will find a beautiful series of platforms resting on the cliff-sides over the raging water. Together with the team from EarthFix and Oregon Public Broadcasting we hear from Yakima Nation elders as they speak of how things once were and remember the importance of passing their traditional knowledge down through generations.  A father and son give us an intimate glimpse into how the native form of fishing feeds families and honors stories from the past.  Story Gorge cameras were granted exclusive access to the plat forms on, above, and under it this delightfully visual journey. 

With over one million views on YouTube, this is our most wide spread story to date!

Land Stewardship


Land stewardship to me is observing and listening to the land around you and finding the best way to move forward so that you can have the recreational freedom on the land and enjoy it, while still respecting it and allowing natural processes to occur so that you can bloom with nature."

              -Heather Wheeler


You can't rush nature, that's for sure.

Pay attention to what's around you. Pay attention to what's happening in your neck of the woods. What's blooming, what's alive, and how does it connect and resonate with nature. What is nature showing you in terms of what life is all about right now. And how can you connect more with that on a daily base to create more possibility for our forest to grow to ancient ages and sizes, and for us to have our sense place in Oregon preserved.

Story Origin

Heather Wheeler and Bloom With Nature is one of our favorite clients!  Together we are working to document the story of this long term restoration effort on a private property in Estacada Oregon.  This story will evolve over a period of many years as we strive to tell all the stories that come of these amazing efforts and partnership.  Land stewardship is what Bloom With Nature is all about and Story Gorge is thrilled to be along for the ride.  Stay tuned for more stories from this project for years to come.

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