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A Cleaner Green

The film

The story

Deep in the heart there is a cannabis farm. This is no ordinary cannabis farm, it's greener.  Together with EarthFix and KCTS9 Seattle, we explore how the cannabis industry is working to create regulations that will hold their industry to a standard of cultivation that aligns with Organic agriculture.  As the industry is not yet federally recognized, crops in recreational legal states can not certify as USDA Organic.  It is the farmers, retailers, and private organizations that need to define and accomplish the goal of the cleanest, healthiest crop possible.  Join us as we take an up close and personal look into one Klickitat County farm and a Hood River, OR retailer who have both committed to weaving these practices into their business models.

Ethical leadership

“I don’t want to destroy the earth that I’m farming on, for one. I don’t want to contribute to global warming. And I want to have the safest product possible,”

-Johnny Vanelle

Farmer/Owner JV Ranch 

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