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Generations of Dip Net

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Soar through the narrow canyons of the Klickitat River where you will find a beautiful series of platforms resting on the cliff-sides over the raging water. Together with the team from EarthFix and Oregon Public Broadcasting we hear from Yakama Nation elders as they speak of how things once were and remember the importance of passing their traditional knowledge down through generations.  A father and son give us an intimate glimpse into how the native form of fishing feeds families and honors stories from the past.  Story Gorge cameras were granted exclusive access to the plat forms on, above, and under it this delightfully visual journey. 

With over 2.9 million views on YouTube, this is our most wide spread story to date!


Our People Had to Fight Back

"I'm 85 years old and I might not be here much longer  but this is where I learned to fish. I remember when the state used to try to push the Indians off the fishery here. but our people had to fight back and still fish. The salmon, which we know as Wakanish was our main food and way of life and we depended strongly on it."

-Johnny Jackson

Cascade Klickitat Tribe Chief

Fish Fever

"You can feel everything with this pole. You can feel everything in this pole, you're pretty much in tune with the current, the fish inside. Once you start doing it, after awhile you catch the feeling of it. My dad had always explained it as fish fever. You catch fish fever."

-James Kiona Jr.

the press

Story Origin

When EarthFix first approached us about collaborating on this story, we couldn't begin to imagine what would come of the collective effort. Throughout the process we were able to completely immerse ourselves in the native fishing community.  In the end, we left with more than a great collection of stories. We left with new found friendship and a community we will certainly continue to support.  Most importantly, the positive impact on this community is now wide spread.  With over 950,000 views on facebook alone, this piece has reached the masses and continues to inspire and educate.

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