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What it's all About

Education is a cornerstone of who Story Gorge is. We are committed to taking our years of professional field experience and passing on as much knowledge as possible. Join us in our state of the art education facility in Hood River, Oregon or we can bring our mobile classroom to you! We pair experiential education and service learning with exciting outings to the field. Our classes, workshops and residencies are uniquely formulated to accommodate every learning style and any skill level. 



Create sustainable, energetic community around your purpose by giving your team the skills they need to be effective storytellers in the field! 

Every day your team is presented with opportunities to capture and share the work you are doing in the world. It can be difficult to recognize, capture, shape, and share these stories from the field. Story Gorge is excited to offer workshops to share the skills we have learned and tested in the field to help our clients share their values, mission, and stories.

School Integration

We spend a lot of time in schools. Together with our partner Arts in Education of The Gorge, we integrate into classrooms and work with students and teachers to bring visual storytelling into their curriculums.  Through our customizable education systems, we are able to teach every level of S.T.E.M. while making sure that Art is included in all that we do. Let us show you haw Story Gorge can enhance your students' learning environments!



"My family and I spent an excellent evening with Story Gorge. In an era of image overload it was refreshing and heartening to hear about composition, the rule of thirds, leading lines, and a photographer's core understanding of aperture and shutter speed.  Sean's knowledge, depth, experience, and appreciation for his craft were contagious."  

Nick Southall, Waterfall Photography Workshop

“I am trying to advance from being a “point and shoot” photographer to one who intentionally captures visually compelling images. Before the weekend I spent in the field with Sean, my knowledge could best be described as “Swiss cheese.” Sean was able to help me fill in the holes so I came away with a solid foundation from which to build. I’m so inspired!”  

Debbie McIntosh, Two Day Intensive, Opal Creek, OR

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