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Lifestyle Medicine Story Project

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The Lifestyle Medicine Story Project is a collaboration between  The American College of Lifestyle Medicine(ACLM), and the vast array of partners that ACLM works with.  Together we are working to highlight stories of inspiration and achievement in the field of Lifestyle Medicine throughout the United States and beyond.  This series highlights stories of patients, leading doctors, and businesses who are changing lives through this evidence based approach to medicine.  Join us on a fascinating look into the movement that is sweeping the medical field world wide.

The US Military recruits the healthiest populations in America.  Yet by the time they serve and separate, they are among the sickest populations in the nation. 


A group of dedicated United States Airforce soldiers and public health advocates go to the front lines and beyond to bring the 6 pillars of optimal health to service members in all phases of military involvement.

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physicians Wellbeing

Katerina was driven by a combination of empathy and grit to become a front-line physician in her community. Pure intentions led her to pour her whole self into her family life and her work as an ER Physician until she had nothing left to give. With the rate of physician suicide more than twice that of the general population, physician burnout is becoming an alarming trend in America. For Katerina, hitting rock bottom leads to a new direction that makes all the difference.

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Dr. Sean Hashmi

Dr. Sean Hashmi's journey in medicine was shaped by the death of his sister. Fueled by a promise made to her to save lives, he overcame academic challenges and embraced the power of nutrition in healing. Now an advocate for lifestyle medicine, he sees each patient as an opportunity to share his own experiences and empower them to take control of their health. Through bariatric surgery and lifestyle changes, he strives to optimize the body and create lasting habits, offering hope and transformation to those in need.

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Loma Linda


ACLM and Loma Linda University Health have been hard at work building and implementing a Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum, and it's paying off! Join Dr. Brenda Rea, and resident physicians Andrew Mock and Renae Thomas as they share their stories, and the importance of Lifestyle Medicine at the resident level. From three sites in 2018 to over 20 in 2021, lifestyle medicine in education is on the rise!

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MSU Denver

Lifestyle Medicine Degree Program

MSU Denver professor Michelle Tollefson pioneers new programs that enable students to pursue a Lifestyle Medicine career path.  A current student takes on a leadership role in the Lifestyle Medicine Student Interest Group while the program's first graduate takes her education into a rural Colorado community to pass on her knowledge to remote populations.

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A St. Louis Story


Orthopedic and nutrition experts involved in a pilot project at Washington University, St. Louis, tell the story of health and professional transformation fueled by Lifestyle Medicine. In just three months using food and exercise as medicine, one patient who had been on narcotics for more than a decade was able to eliminate her use of the drugs. Her success has been equally healing for her physicians.

Adam Sud

Austin, TX

Adam Sud is a professional health coach and self proclaimed "Plant Based Addict." Join us for an emotional and fascinating journey through Adam's life as he  takes us from his youth to his darkest hour and back up the mountain of life to eventually conquer his challenge in a stunning conclusion. Adam is a storyteller at heart and eloquently takes us on an intimate ride along his own "Hero's Journey".



Whole Foods Market Founder and the leadership team invest in employee health by starting a program called The Total Health Immersion. Of their 90,000 employees, more than 4,000 employees have attended the retreats and have made tremendous progress towards better health. Join Whole Foods and leading Texas Law firm Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP. as they show how investing in employee wellbeing can increase the overall value of self insured companies. 

Midland Memorial Health is a pillar in the community on every level.  Leading the way in becoming the healthiest hospital in Texas, they are one of the first to dedicate an entire facility to Lifestyle Medicine in the public hospital.

Marcy Madrid, Midland Memorial Hospital's Vice President of Planning and Marketing, takes us on a journey through her own experiences battling M.S. and her amazing transformation story which led to the reversal of this debilitating disease and her tireless drive to bring the message home to her community.  

series Origin

We began our relationship with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine with a simple goal in mind.  Work with a leading organization that empowers people to take control of their health and strive towards a common goal of encouraging others to do the same.  Since teaming up with the organization in 2016, we have traveled the country unlocking powerful stories of individuals, medical professionals, and leading corporations as they collectively work to see the mission of ACLM turn into an international movement.  The Lifestyle Medicine Story Project is a growing collection of these stories.  Check back often as we will continue to add to this page!

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