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NW Mural Fest
The Dalles, Oregon

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The NW Mural Fest brought together 220 artists from around the world to paint 15 murals over four days in The Dalles, Oregon, a community rich in history. The murals depict the town's stories and events, and organizers collaborated with historians to ensure their accuracy. The festival transformed the town into a vibrant hub of artistic activity, with locals watching as the walls were brought to life with color and beauty. The murals have become a source of pride and hope for the community. The festival was inspired by a film about a similar event, and the organizers put the idea out for a community vote and held public input meetings to ensure diversity in the murals.

The Wall Dogs are a group of volunteer painters who paint historical murals in small communities, and the NW Mural Fest provided a platform for people from all over the world to come together and participate. The festival served to unite the community and foster a sense of togetherness in The Dalles.

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We Can Dance For who we are

"We have to be able to be respectful of each other and to learn to be mindful of each other, especially as a community, to bring everybody together, to learn each other's culture. We want to see more of this.

We can dance for who we are."

-Lucy Begay,

First People representative, NW Mural Fest

A Community Rises

In a display of community spirit, local businesses and individuals came together to support the festival.

Businesses provided walls to paint on and other supplies to help ensure the success of the event. Volunteers also played a key role, dedicating their time and energy to assist with the set-up and take-down of equipment, as well as providing food and lodging for the artists.

The festival proved to be a hit, attracting visitors from out of town and generating a palpable sense of excitement throughout the community. Thanks to the collective efforts of all involved, the festival succeeded in celebrating the area's rich history and bringing people together. This event continues to help to revitalize the area and promote a sense of pride among its residents.

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