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The Story

Project Koru helps young cancer survivors to thrive through adventure-based experiences such as surfing, outrigger canoeing, standup paddle boarding, skiing, and snowboarding to treat the mind, body, and soul.

Creating spaces for young cancer survivors to build community and have new adventures, this short film features the stories of three campers as they experience a week-long Camp Koru in Maui, Hi. These campers are able to unplug spend time with people their own age, who get it. They're young, living their life and moving forward after or during treatment. 


 Their strength and hope shines through as they work towards mental and emotional healing through shared stories and bonding. Despite their struggles, they are living life to the fullest!


Who do you ride for?

Kite Board for Cancer, is North America's largest amateur kite competition, which serves as a significant fundraiser. Participants, donors, and athletes support survivors through this event, contributing to a growing family-like community. Personal stories of involvement and dedication are shared, highlighting the impact of cancer on individuals and their loved ones.

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The Story

“Kiteboard for Cancer is the economic engine that makes Project Koru camps run. Without that event, people don’t go to camp.”  -Xan

Since 2007, athletes from all over the world have traveled to compete in Kiteboard 4 Cancer. The money raised during this event has funded Project Koru, giving survivors the opportunity to experience healing and community through outdoor adventure. Kiteboard 4 Cancer has raised over $1 million for cancer programs.

When we stepped up to produce a video for Kiteboard 4 Cancer, we wanted to produce more than a highlight reel, we wanted to share a story that showed the impact of KB4C on the lives of young adult cancer survivors. We hope that Hulk's story continues to inspire others in the face of their trials and to support the amazing work that Project Koru and KB4C are doing.

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COVID-19 affected Project Koru’s ability to take survivors on their usual surf and snow camps. During a conversation between Sean and PK’s Executive Director, Beth, a plan was hatched for Story Gorge to facilitate a remote digital storytelling class for campers. The group came together for two hours a week for five weeks. Some campers came to connect with their cancer story; some to reframe it - and everyone walked away with tools to continue sharing their experiences.


“It was amazing to create something artistic as I don't do that often, especially life-changing insofar as noticing that art can be so therapeutic ... seeing/hearing the world differently, it helps me to appreciate the little things I'm noticing around me.”

Project Koru - Ka La
Project Koru - Sara "My Song"
Project Koru - Erin
Project Koru - Sandra "Remember"

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