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Safe Space CAC

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The Story

Dr. Robin Henson, driven by her mother's legacy of caregiving, is a medical examiner at Safe Space Children's Advocacy Center. With a focus on addressing child abuse, Henson is a part of a holistic approach encompassing trauma-informed care, law enforcement, counseling, and medical services. Collaborating with professionals like Shirriff Matt English, they bridge gaps in a vast region of the Columbia River Gorge. The center's core is "Justice, hope, and healing for child abuse victims and their families", ensuring reliable testimony while sparing traumatized children from repetitive retelling. 

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In every community

"Abuse is rampant. It's everywhere. It's in every walk of life, it's in every community. And people still, even though there is some awareness, are not as aware of what's going on, even in their own communities. And people still don't feel empowered to come forward, even when they recognize it or suspected or see it. And the easier you can make it for that to happen, the better it will be for the community and the people who live in it."

-Dr. Robin Henson, Safe Space Medical Examiner 

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The need was clear

 "When I started, we did not have Children's Advocacy Center in this region. The closest was either Bend or the Portland metro area. Unfortunately, what happened is oftentimes law enforcement and child welfare would be interviewing these kids and we understood how to do interviews to a degree when we weren't professionally trained forensic interviewers, and they were in spaces that weren't friendly. The need was clear." 
-Matt English, Hood River County Sheriff

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