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My family and I spent an excellent evening with Sean and Story Gorge, learning how to take excellent photographs.  In an era of image overload it was refreshing and heartening to hear about composition, the rule of thirds, leading lines, and a photographers core understanding of aperture and shutter speed.  Sean's knowledge, depth, experience, and appreciation for his craft were contagious.  

Nick Southall, Waterfall Photography Workshop Mt. Hood OR

“I am trying to advance from being a “point and shoot” photographer to one who intentionally captures visually compelling images. Before the weekend I spent in the field with Sean, my knowledge could best be described as “Swiss cheese.” Sean was able to help me fill in the holes so I came away with a solid foundation from which to build. I’m so inspired!”

Debbie McIntosh, 2 Day Intensive Opal Creek OR

“I so appreciate your skilled photo instruction, allowing me to capture some of the simplicity, beauty and dignity of the Afro-Colombian mining community who care deeply for the land and their way of life. From your support and encouragement I now have an access to more fully communicating their inspiring story.”

Toby Pomeroy, Photography Skills Training Corvallis OR

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