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Twin Oaks

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"Twin Oaks" chronicles the Hoyt family's multi-generational trail building experiences in the Pacific Northwest. Through breathtaking visuals and intimate interviews, the film explores the profound connection between humans and nature. Avery, Daryl, and Krista Hoyt reflect on their personal journeys, revealing how trail building serves as a medium for finding solace and connecting with the natural world. The documentary delves into the challenges they've faced, including mental health struggles and addiction, while emphasizing the unwavering support within the family. "Twin Oaks" showcases the transformative power of nature, the spiritual aspect of trail building, and the enduring legacy it leaves behind.

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the story

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science and art

"I tend to look at what we do is like painting brush strokes across the land. It's a blend of science and art. And so it really becomes this thing that sustains and creates itself continually over time, given the seasons and given what's happening in the moment."
-Avery Hoyt

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insight into healing.

"As a mother, I'd be able to do some things great. Some things exceptionally. And some things- because of my own limitations, my own scar tissue, my own challenges-I would not be able to do well. But I could give him mechanisms and insight into healing."

-Krista Hoyt

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future generations

"We treasure the natural world and want to maintain and enhance that so that future generations have access to all of this. That's plenty for me to be motivated by."

-Daryl Hoyt

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