Voices From The Land

Fifth and sixth grade students have created digital stories to share their place-based examination of climate change in Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii. Students in each state worked with teaching artists and their classroom teachers to study climate science, write their story, design storyboards, paint and utilize the iStopmotion application on the iPad to create animation films.  Once the films were completed, the students shared them with one another and then connected via Skype to learn more about one another and how climate change is affecting their land, their communities and their cultural traditions.   Filmmakers interviewed scientists, teachers, and students in each location to create an interview based, short documentary of each project.

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Paia School

Maui, HI

Paia School is a native language immersion middle school is nestled in the outskirts of Paia Hawaii. Each morning the youth face the rising sun and chant songs of gratitude and appreciations for the gifts of the island. When students enter the class room, they speak only their traditional dialect. Recently they have been learning about the effects of climate change in their precious coral reefs. These are their reflections.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine was fortunate to recently sit down with executives of Blue Shield of California to explore the use of lifestyle medicine in their programs and with their employees. This new video is the latest installment in the Lifestyle Medicine Story Project, which captures the application of lifestyle medicine in the workplace, by physicians and with patients. 

 Pōmaika'i school is an art immersion school in southern Maui.

Students tell their story of how they are the ones who have the strongest voice to try to mitigate climate change in their native region.  A deep appreciation for the ocean since birth, 5th graders from the school give us a look into what they see happening all around them...