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Winter's Edge

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Laura Green woke up every morning and goes to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest to keep skiers safe through backcountry avalanche forecasting and avalanche mitigation at Mt Hood Meadows resort. But this winter, Laura’s dear friend was caught in an avalanche, and suddenly these dangers hit close to home. Following this brush with mortality, Laura had a renewed commitment to her duty in the snow.

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Hidden Dangers

"What's crazy about snow. There's the surface but underneath that all there's a whole nother world that most people are completely unaware of"

-Laura Green

Professional observer for North West Avalanche Center 

Mountain Friends

Dave Watson's respect for Laura shines through as he recalls his time working with Laura in a "Very dangerous and dynamic environment" Dave is a legend of mountain culture with two summits of of Mt. Everest and will forever hold the title of the first person to ski the upper shoots of K2. 

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Directors note

On December 6th 2018, Laura Green lost her life in a windsurfing accident. She never had the chance to see this film. This story is dedicated to Laura and all she has done for mountain culture and public safety in the Pacific Northwest. 

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