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Women of Water

Women of Water chronicles the lives and adventures of four women who are pushing the grade in outdoor pursuit. Each from varied backgrounds and each in a different decade of life.  While these women all come from different worlds, they each have something in common.  Water and the passion to preserve its recreational offerings.  Each woman is a natural leader in their pursuits and each will take you on a human journey as they work to build community surrounding their passion, preservation and play.

The Rising Star: Fiona Wylde.  

Film crews will follow Fiona as she pushes to become the #1 Stand Up Paddle Boarder in the world. Overcoming the challenges of living with Type 1 Diabetes and being one of the youngest competitors in many of the international competitions.

The Community Conduit: Sam Bittner.  

Sam is the founder of the International Windsurfing Tour and a community leader within her industry.  Through her passion, Sam has built an international community of passionate windsurfers and has played a major role in the rebirth of the sport’s popularity.  Film crews will join Sam and her team as they tour the world and build passionate community. All while helping to fuel the mission of bringing wind surfing to the masses.

The Wild space Advocate: Mia Sheppard.

Mia is the three time world champion Spey Caster and dedicated advocate for the protection of rivers. She is particularly passionate about the John Day River in Oregon. In honor and celebration of 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Mia will travel the length of the John Day River and challenge herself as she immerses into the wilderness she fights so hard for. Story Gorge crews will follow along as she navigates the 3rd longest free flowing river in North America. Fishing for steelhead and work to preserve the land that she loves.


The industry veteran: Laura Green.

Laura Green wakes up every morning to the sunrise on her open air deck. The house inside is warm, but she and her husband prefer the elements of the hills of Klickitat County, Washington. It is in those hills where they live, work, and create each day to sustain a simple lifestyle of self subsistence.  Laura also happens to be one of NW Oregon's and SW Washington's primary avalanche specialists, Forecasters and Educators. She has dedicated her life to reporting on avalanche snow conditions for backcountry touring, serving with the Mount Hood Meadows Ski Patrol Snow Safety Team and educating the recreational public through Mountain Savvy avalanche awareness workshops. Laura is a true steward of snow safety and the fascinating subject chosen for this documentary short.


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