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One woman’s tireless quest to change the trajectory of regenerative sheep ranching to ensure a lasting environmental impact on the global luxury wool industry. 

-This film is currently in pre-production and actively seeking partners and funding to produce.

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In the twilight of her career, Jeanne Carver battles to rescue the American wool industry and rejuvenate the land it relies upon. With unyielding determination, she confronts the persistent inertia of consumer attitudes and habits that threaten to keep progress at bay. In her hands, the legacy of American wool transforms from a fading echo into a resounding call for a resilient future.

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the story

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"FORGOTTEN FIBER" is a captivating feature documentary that delves into the journey of an American industry on the brink of extinction. Enter the extraordinary world of Jeanne Carver, a spirited woman in her mid-70s crusading for the revival of regenerative sheep ranching, while creating a new standard for fashion. 

Her remarkable journey not only includes leading a movement to rejuvenate an entire industry but she also has successfully uplifted other ranches, single-handily subsidizing the conversion of 2.6 million acres of land to RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certification. Her advocacy promises environmental vitality and fair financial yields to certified ranchers. Yet, despite the intrepid nature of Jeanne's mission, the road ahead remains uncertain. From market instabilities to the surging popularity of synthetic fibers and the overwhelming pressures of globalization, Jeanne finds herself in a relentless battle to rescue an industry that has slipped from the collective consciousness. 

We follow Jeanne as she builds her network of industry support. Together, they fight to bring security to the ranches and US wool industry by facilitating multi-year RWS wool contracts and creating an environmentally net negative contribution to the fashion industry. We watch Jeanne gather her allies in real-time, traveling to sheep ranches embracing regenerative farming practices, to mills where the wool is processed, and through the supply chain, meeting with fashion designers and outdoor industry partners. From shepherding sheep deep in the Colorado hills to the forests of Northern California, we delve into the challenges and triumphs these ranches encounter, gaining insights into how industry pressures impact their efforts to survive as regenerative ranchers. Through this journey, Jeanne begins to realize her hopes for the wool industry.

Forgotten Fiber stands as a powerful call to action, urging viewers to rediscover the imperative environmental contributions of responsible wool, while encouraging conscious consumption. In a world divided, Jeanne's story emerges as a beacon of hope, she’s a woman who fights for all of us with her ultimate goal to ‘see the land win’.

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Shift to global

"Then 1999 happened, when we had shorn the sheep, called up our long-time wool buyer and the answer was "We're sorry folks, we're not buying." The shift to global supply chains arrived on our doorstep with no warning."

-Jeanne Carver

Founder, Shaniko Wool Co.

Net positive impact

"We are ranching in a way, and grazing in a way that delivers a net positive impact to nature. there's no greater thing we do than that."

-Jeanne Carver

Founder, Shaniko Wool Co.

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