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Celebrating Education in White Salmon!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate education and community at White Salmon Valley Education Foundation’s (WSVEF) Grape Escape event! We spent the weeks leading up to it putting together a video highlighting the three projects that WSVEF awarded and wrote grants for this past year; Project-Based Learning development for educators, A-List Adventures after school program, and Whitson Elementary’s Digital Spanish class.

Check out the video!

As a social enterprise, it is important for us to invest resources in stories that celebrate efforts in our community, so when WSVEF approached us last spring about collaborating on this project we were quick to say ”Yes!” Not only did we get the opportunity to work with WSVEF, but they pulled in other community partners to spread the work, so none of our individual resources could be overly taxed.

Our kick-off meeting saw us hanging out with Amanda Lawrence, Executive Director of WSVEF, Michael Peterson of Peterson Pro Media, and Marla Keether, who is currently running for Mayor of White Salmon, Wa. We discussed the three projects we were to focus on and then moved onto the roles and responsibilities of each of the partners for the 2019 video. Michael has produced the video in the past and volunteered his eye to capture the interviews and b-roll of the stories. Marla has edited previous years' videos and volunteered her ear for story to work on story development and paper cuts to guide the editing process. Story Gorge stepped in to capture some additional footage, and complete the editing and finishing of the video.

This early sit-down and communication made for a smooth production on all accounts. Every collaborator completed their piece of the puzzle flawlessly and timely allowing everyone’s efforts to culminate in three well-crafted stories that share the great work being done by WSVEF in our community!

We are so proud of our community for stepping up and supporting our local schools. We know first hand the value of these programs and the direct impact that fundraising has on their collective futures!

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