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Columbia Gorge Homeschoolers Level-Up

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Today we are stoked to share two videos created by Columbia River Homeschool students! This crew came through our Impact storytelling workshop to create the film highlighting our friend Jack Perrin and The Gorge MakerSpace. This film was made 100% on ipad technology and brings to light the wonderful community work being done at the MakerSpace.

Soon after the team leveled up and worked with Friends of the Columbia Gorge and Oregon State Forests to create a high quality film made on advanced camera systems and editing software.

Part of the Solution

In December 2018 the longest government shutdown in US history began. During this time federal employees, including park rangers, were furloughed. Even though the government was closed, federal parks continued to receive recreational visitors, and the trash started to pile up. A community of Friends of the Columbia River Gorge, Volunteers, and State Park Rangers came together to take matters into their own hands.

Gorge MakerSpace

For their first project the students trained their lens, and storytelling skills on Jack Perrin and the Gorge MakerSpace in White Salmon, Wa.

These dedicated students have shown us that you can tell an impactful story no matter your age or the equipment you use. We are so proud of the team for these fantastic accomplishments!

Are you interested in booking a private Impact Storytelling workshop for your team or group? Email us at and let's get you on the road to sharing your story!

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