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FCA Celebration of Collaboration

A brisk morning in March found us filling up our thermoses with piping hot coffee in Sisters, OR. We were headed to document and share the successes of our client, Farmers Conservation Alliance, and their partners in irrigation modernization. Check out the two minute video below!

Our challenge for this video was to create a highlight reel of the celebration, while sharing the story of farmers, irrigation districts, and the federal government's efforts in updating the way water gets to rural farmlands.

Stories from FCA, Energy Trust of Oregon, Senator Jeff Merkley, USDA NRCS Chief Matt Lohr, and representatives from Tumalo and Three Sisters irrigation districts, painted a picture of collaboration that allowed the story to come together effortlessly in the edit bay.

We were able to turn around a newsreel type video on a quick timeline that not only highlighted the success of the event, and the efforts of all involved, but shared a story of people coming together across the country to make our rural communities more resilient. In our book, that makes this project a great success in it's own right.

Check out the FCA microsite here!

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