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Client Feature: Changing Minds, Changing Lives.

Earlier this year we went out to St. Louis, MO to capture the story of orthopedic and nutrition experts involved in a pilot project at Washington University, St. Louis for our good friends the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM).

Story Gorge has been working with ACLM for the past three years to capture, shape, and share the impactful stories of lifestyle medicine happening all over the world. As Columbia Gorge residents, the messages of food and exercise as medicine, and work-life balance resonate deeply with us. We are grateful for any opportunity to share the stories of lives impacted by these values.

In our latest collaboration with ACLM you will meet Dr. Prather and her patient Judith Shutzenhofer who, after ten years on a vicious cycle of surgery and pain medication, switched to lifestyle medicine with great results! The video is just over five minutes and an amazing example of the power of lifestyle medicine!

See the rest of our Lifestyle Medicine Story Project series here!

Brand Update

ACLM recently updated their logo, and we had the pleasure of creating an animation to showcase the new brand. We love to work with our trusted quiver of collaborators on all sorts of creative work that our clients needs!

A Celebration of Legacy

Every year ACLM hosts the Lifestyle Medicine Conference, and Story Gorge has been involved in capturing it for a number of years. The conference is capped off with an awards banquet celebrating the future leaders and honoring the pioneers of the movement. A few weeks ago we were asked to produce a video from available footage we had captured to highlight the energy, atmosphere and community that occurs at the banquet.

We started out by reviewing conversations that had occured in past years with Lifetime Achievement Award winners, looking for sound bites that could help convey the keywords we had developed for the video; Community, Legacy, Experience. When we had a good selection of bites we pulled out our trusty three-act structure, and wrote out a script utilizing the conversations, some testimonial quotes, and a voiceover. The voiceover allowed us to really tie the thread of the video together from beginning to end and contextualize the quotes we pulled from past years footage.

Check out the result below! We feel this one and a half minute video truly captures the experience, legacy and community present at the banquet, and will encourage attendees of the conference to celebrate with their peers.

We are excited to return to the Lifestyle Medicine Conference this fall to capture stories of the collaborations, successes, and celebration of lifestyle medicine. If you see us out there in Orlando, say hello!

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