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Insight of the Month - Communicate Roles

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Set roles and responsibilities early for smooth production.

As we experienced during our work on the Grape Escape 2019 videos for White Salmon Valley Education Foundation, sitting down early to discuss roles and responsibilities was critical to the smooth success of the project.

When we take a moment to sit down with our collaborators, whether they be our client, staff, or contractors, to discuss the roles and responsibilities of each partner, we create expectations and understanding of everyone’s piece of the puzzle. It also helps us establish clear lines of communication, so everyone knows where to direct particular questions, ideas, or concerns.

At Story Gorge we make an effort to have this conversation at the beginning of every project, and even revisit it during the course of the project! We also make sure to do it every time we bring in a new collaborator or partner.

In the case of our recent gig with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Sean was the first point of contact with the client. After a kick-off call, Tracy at NRCS connected Kyle with potential characters to schedule pre-interviews, and Elizabeth got to work on preliminary call sheets. When production day came, Elizabeth was the Project Manager running operations from Story Gorge HQ in Hood River, while in the field, Sean was the Director and Director of Photography, Tracy kept track of key bites to capture during the interviews, Kyle was the Story Producer, Field Audio Tech, and Camera Operator, and Sean Corwin was the Drone Pilot, B-camera Operator, and Production Assistant. Knowing what was expected of us allowed us to roll out of the van, and focus on our individual tasks, with certainty that all of our bases were covered!

Next time you are on a project, or even if you’re in the midst of one, take a minute to sit down with your collaborators and talk about your understanding of each other’s roles. You may be surprised by what some people think they need to be accomplishing or working on! These conversations will have a cascading effect on the overall communication and efficiency of the project!

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