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Sean & Kyle Spill the Beans...

A few weeks ago our friend, Bryan Cargill, reached out and asked Sean and Kyle to be on his VidMark podcast! They jumped at the opportunity to chat story, share insights, and talk about what Story Gorge has been up to.

Some things they share:

  • Sean & Kyle's respective backgrounds

  • Our focus on people and the planet in our work

  • Process vs. spontaneity in the field

  • Giving back to the community through education

Check it out!

Bryan created the VidMark Podcast to share valuable insights, tools, and tactics to improve his listener's business marketing efforts. This is a great podcast for companies of all sizes; from small business owners bootstrapping to larger corporations. It is powered by Tactus Media, Brian's company, that helps its customers by providing marketing strategies designed to entertain, educate and engage audiences.

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