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Insight of the Month - The First Cut

This is a monthly blog where we highlight insights, tips, and tricks we are implementing in our daily operations!


Last month we decided to stop showing our clients “Rough Cuts.” Traditionally the rough cut is the first edit a client sees in the post-production process. However, in the Story Gorge approach, our client hears the story and message in a “Radio Play,” before they ever see any visuals. This gives us a leg up when we deliver our “First Cut” to them. The first visual edit our client sees is far beyond a rough cut, the story is tight, and the imagery is dialed in, all that is lacking are a few edits from the client perspective, sound sweetening, and color.

For this reason, we didn’t feel like “Rough Cut” adequately described what we were delivering to our client and was undercutting its impact. We switched to “First Cut” as it accurately tells us where we are in the process while limiting preconceived notions our client may have about the quality of what they are about to watch.

We suggest you try it out! You may be surprised at the quality you see come through in your own work just by simply changing the words you use to describe it.


Have some gaps you would love to bridge, or questions on storytelling, video production, or running a small business? Drop us a line and the answer may be featured here!

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